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Pet Head 講髒話❤️除臭洗髮精475ml

· 寵兒小教室Pets101

PET HEAD Dirty Talk Shampoo Show you pet some good clean fun! They make getting dirty easy enough. But thankfully there’s also an easy way to get them cleaned up and smelling sweet! PET HEAD’s Dirty Talk is here to rescue. Try PET HEAD’s Fresh and Fruity range of shampoos, conditioners and sprays. Let’s celebrate bathing time!



Pet Head 講髒話❤️除臭洗髮精475ml


★英國 Pet Head 國際知名寵物品牌
★ 不含蠟、 矽樹脂、酒精、石油提煉物和防腐劑

Pet Head 講髒話❤️除臭洗髮精475ml
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